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DQ - CRANE - Baroque Cast Iron Radiator

CRANE® Baroque Cast Iron Radiators are available in four heights. The traditional casting is perhaps the most popular in this series because of its elegant proportions and suitability for most settings. These beautiful CRANE® Cast Iron Radiators feature two columns of elegant scalloped decoration from the late Victorian period, delicately cast and with exquisite details. The stylised bohemian foliage extends from the middle of each section to the bottom of the feet and across the shoulders of each CRANE® Cast Iron Radiator. A timeless design classic, made using original moulds using traditional techniques. CRANE® Cast Iron Radiators have been used in stately homes and the finest houses since the early years of the 20th century.

Please note : Delivery time for this model is up to 3 weeks for Coloured finishes, and up to 6 weeks for polished finishes.
Delivery free of charge to most UK mainland address, for deliveries outside mainland UK, please contact us for a quotation.

Prices quoted are INCLUDING VAT & Delivery.
Outputs stated at 75/65/20 Δt 50ºC EN442.

Finish Options :
Option_1 Crane Standard Colours
Option_2 Little GreeneSandersonF&B, & RAL Colour
Option_3 Lacquered Highlight Polished
(Highlight Polished Cast Iron Radiators are painted with a dark base coat, then polished to a high shine on the raised decorative surfaces).
Option_4 Lacquered Satin Polished
(Satin Polished Cast Iron Radiators have less sheen then other polishes as they leave a more frosted finish).
Option_5 Lacquered Traditional Polished
(Traditional Polished Cast Iron Radiators are polished only on the visible sides of the radiator as they are normally placed against a wall).

Please note: Most companies oil their cast iron radiators once polished to preserve the finish, this requires maintenance every 3-4 months to avoid tarnishing.

CRANE radiators use a patented Lacquering process to preserve the finish of the polished cast iron radiators - this requires NO MAINTENANCE WHATSOEVER !

Please note: Cast iron radiators are very heavy, due to the weight we can only supply radiators fully assembled up to 1200mm in length.


CRANE Baroque Cast Iron Radiator Information (details “per section”)
Model Check Price Height Width Depth Output
All sizes are in (mm) (Watts) (Btu's)
CR / BAR / 510 Radiator Details 510 76 184.5 74 252
CR / BAR / 660 Radiator Details 660 76 184.5 105 358
CR / BAR / 760 Radiator Details 760 76 184.5 120 409
CR / BAR / 960 Radiator Details 960 76 184.5 148 505
To calculate full width : (No. of sections x 76) + 30mm

CRANE Baroque Images

SOL Radiator

SOL Radiator


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Radiator Delivery
Delivery Time
  Models listed : 3-6 weeks

Radiator Delivery
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  Free For Mainland UK 
(*some outlying codes excluded)

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